2012 Colorado Ride - Day Four (May 23rd)

Russell, KS to Parker, CO

Day four was the final leg of my westbound trip to the Denver area.  Prior to leaving on the trip, I was unable to find any noteworthy point of interest to stop and see along the way.  Besides, the wind was still blowing very strongly when I woke up, so I decided that I should simply ride directly to my next destination, the home of Steve and Suzanne Weston in Parker, Colorado.  Parker is located just south of Denver.

After a quick breakfast, I packed up the motorcycle and started west on Interstate 70.  The wind was still blowing out of the south at 25 to 30 mph.  I continued to find myself having to lean the motorcycle about 15 to 20 degrees to the left, into the wind, just to maintain a path straight forward.  Somewhere along the way, the winds shifted and began blowing from the north (my right-to-left).  As a result, I now found myself having to lean the bike to the right to maintain a path of travel straight ahead.  This made passing tractor-trailer trucks hazardous.  As I would approach the truck (with me in the left lane and the truck in the right lane), the wind would abate and I would shift the bike to straight upright.  As I passed alongside, I often found the bike wanting to lean into the truck, and as I completed the pass, the winds would immediately hit me as soon as I cleared the truck’s cab.  All in all, it made for a tiring ride.

The temperature started out in the low 70s and rode a bit.  However, as I continued into Colorado itself, the temperature started to drop a bit.  I soon find myself chilled, but continued to push onward.  Once I exited I-70, I stopped and put on a wind liner since the temperature had dropped to 67 degrees.  As I continued on Colorado Highway 86, and climbed in altitude, the temperature continued to drop, eventually reaching a brisk 61 degrees (with the winds continuing to blow).

I eventually reached Franktown and turned northward on Colorado 83.  I safely arrived at the home of Steve and Suzanne Weston around mid-day.  By the time I arrived at their house, the temperature had dropped to the low 60s and about three hours later, rain showers started as a front moved through the area.  I made it there in the nick of time!